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Coin Dosa Sandwich

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Coin dosa sandwich, a new innovation from my kitchen with left over dosa batter. I understand completely how challenging it is for a mother to think out of the box when it comes to packing lunch for kids because not always lunchbox comes home empty.

There is no doubt on sandwiches being the most preferred snack a child wants, how about dosa sandwiches?.

Few interesting facts about sandwich.

Do you know  how the named sandwich has derived ?

A popular gambler,named John Montagu,who did not even had a time to eat while he plays the game so seems he would ask his servants to bring a some slices of meat  in  the between the  slices of bread .(Sources)

By replacing bread with doas’s I tried to achieve the taste of the sandwich using the same stuffing at the same time ensuring that kids are able to hold it in their hands and the juicy Mayonnaise along with crunchy cucumber and tomatoes will bring almost the similar taste which kids would love.

The inside stuffing is totally up to your kids choice, bit of green lettuce will add more crunchiness. I personally liked adding sorted paneer but since I did not have it, I didn’t, but if you have, a block of paneer, cut as per the size of the dosa, and just give it a sorte on the tava before keeping inside the dosa.

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The step by step images will show how to assemble the sandwiches if the dosa’s are ready so please refer below.


Dosa batter: 1 cup

Cucumber: 6 sliced

Tomatoes Sliced: 8 sliced

Mayonnaise: 4 tbsp

Butter/oil: 1 tbsp



First heat the dosa tava and pour spoonful of dosa’s like a coin shape depends on the size of the tava.

Once dosa’s are made keep them aside in a plate.

Wash and slice the cucumbers and keep them aside.

Take out one coin dosa spread the Mayonnaise and assemble the cucumber and tomatoes. You may wish to keep cheese slice or paneer on top is your choice.

Now close the sandwich with another coin dosa. If you are planning to keep it in tiffin box you may stick cherry or tomatoes for attraction using fruits salad sticks.

Try this i am sure this will attract kids and will be definitely a unique recipe way to make kids eat dosa too in a different way.My little enjoyed it and she wanted in her tiffin box too.



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