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Organic Wheat Grass Juice

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Wheat grass is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins that keeps our body Healthy and fit.

It’s has all vitamins A, B complex, C, E, I and K too. High amount of protein is also found. As it has 70% of chlorophyll it helps increase RBC in the body and it also has plenty of amino acids.

Take a small shot of wheat grass juice every day along with your breakfast is probably the best way to kick start your day.

If you want to make it as routine in your diet, best way probably is to grow it at home because store bought fresh grass or even in powdered form is very expensive. I suggest buying organic wheat to grow healthy wheat grass.

Let’s see how to grow wheat grass in a step by step method.


Soaking the seeds: 

Take a tray to grow wheat grass and keep them ready.

Measure the seeds depending up on the size of your tray wash them well before you soak it.

Take a bowl soak the seeds which will Initiate fermentation process.

By the end of the process you will see the wheat sprouted small roots and it’s a 24 to 36 hrs wait.

First soak it for 10 hrs after that drain the water again fill cold filtered water for another 10 hrs of soaking.

Repeat this process for one more time after the 3rd time of soaking you will see already sprouted by leaving small roots. Which means it’s ready for planting.

Step 2:

Preparation of planting the sprouts..

Take a tray fill it with good quality soil, spread the seeds evenly across the top of the soil don’t press them hard but slightly press them.

Give little room in between each seeds. Sprinkle water on top of the tray ensures each seed get a sprinkle of water.

Now cover them with newspaper lightly and keep it in a darker place of the room.

Step 3:

Watering the seeds:

Ensure that the tray with seeds remains moist always. So keep checking lift the newspaper and if you find dry, do sprinkle water each time.

Do ensure that you are just sprinkling water and not pouring on it to avoid water logging.

Best way is to use spray bottle filled with water.

Second or third day also you can see slowly a yellowish rich grass starts coming out .continue spraying the water to keep the grass moist and fresh.

Fourth day you may want to remove the newspaper and keep it in a place where there is sunlight coming in. Partial sunlight is always good whereas sunlight coming in directly may affect the grass.

Now you will see the grass are grown nice and vibrant green. It’s a joy moment to see how it had grown from where we had started this.

Step 4:

Harvesting Time:

This is the most exciting thing of you grown anything at home. When comes to wheat grass wait till the time for it to split. Splitting is nothing but once it’s mature the second blade will start to grow out of the first shoot. This is the time to harvest the grass.

Ideally it needs about 8 to 10 days for harvesting by that time period it would have grown 6 inches tall, wow how fascinating it is to see them grow that tall in such a quick time.

Cut the grass just above the root so that it can re-grow.

Collect the cut ones separately.

And it’s ready to go to blender after cleaning and chopping.



Here is the glass with all the goodness of power pack nutrient drink wheat grass juice.

You may want to keep watering the tray for the second crop, sometimes third may also can come but it’s not as juicy like the first.


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  • Ratnashankar
    July 19, 2018 at 7:40 pm

    Very good . Nicely explained!

  • GKLakhanpal
    August 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm

    I wanted to know that how much quantity to be taken daily.I am suffering from Tumor any thing is also to be added in the juice


    • lathus kitchen
      August 28, 2018 at 6:28 pm

      dear Sir ,Wheat grass juice has many healthy benefits especially rich in antioxidants and antioxidiants are very important for the tumor not to grow more its good to take but i still advise to consult your doctor on the amount,intake etc.

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