Cake Pops

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“Eggless Cake Recipes”, are the wonderful options for deserts during parties or get-go together especially with kids. The main advantage here is no cutting, no messing up no serving, anyone can pick up and pop it just like that.

There is something so waggish about these little cakes coated with violate syrup/ sugar balls and topped with a cherry that brings in fun to the parties.

I am not a baker by profession not even learnt baking by myself however to keep my little girl happy I do try these little innovation techniques of baking cake without actually baking it.  I if you are a baker good then you may want to follow your techniques of baking however I am going to show simple methods by just 3 steps.

  • Grind the biscuits(any Choco of your choice)
  • Make a dough
  • Dipping the pops

You can use the same recipe using already baked cake by crumbling them add some canned icing to make like a dough consistency or any binding agent and follow the remaining steps.

Today am taking Oreo biscuits and powdering them to make dough using little milk.


Oreo biscuits: 1 packet

Milk: 1 cup

Sugar candies

Chocolate syrup

Cherries-for decoration


  • Take a grinder and powder the biscuits and maintain a coarse consistency and keep it aside
  • Add little milk and knead it make dough.
  • Roll it like a small pops, bake them and allow it to cool.
  • I baked it using pressure cooker sand method.
  • Once the pops are cooled enough dip it in the sauce and roll it over the sugar candies. Stick it using Popsicle sticks or even straws which are good enough to hold the pops.
  • Top it with cherries and keep it in the desert place at the party  will look very attractive and beautiful.

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