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Kodo Millets – IDLI’s

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Kodo Millet – Idlis,  I call them healthy not just because of millets it’s also to do with the fact that it’s made of sprouted black urad dhal 😊 with skin. 
We all knew any food cooked by steaming is considered to be healthy so IDLI’s  are in general healthy and lite  breakfast so why can’t we make it nutritious too 😊.
Here is how we make it even  more nutritious and diabetic friendly .
Ingredients :
  • Kodo millet-   1 cup
  • Idli rice(boiled)- 2 cup
  • Black urad –       1 cup
  • Salt(Required)


Preparation method:
  • Soak black urad for 8 hrs  remove the excess water and wash them with hands so that the skin will come out.Peel out  half of the skin to avoid more fibrecious and for the colour of the idli not getting in to very black.
  • Keep the urad dhal with little skin on it for over night   in a wet cotton cloth for it to sprout.
  • The same night soak 1 cups of varagu(kodo) millet and 2 cups of idli rice.  
  • The next morning grind both the rice and the sprouted black urad with the skin like a idli batter consistency. Let it ferment for 6 to 7 hrs.
  • Now the idli batter is ready.
  • keep the Idli cooker & steam the idl’s. & serve it with some yummy mixed vegetable sambhar.


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